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                Corporate Information

                +86 020 84739308

                +86 020 84738282



                Corporate Information

                Guangzhou Panyu Qiangye Machinery Co., Ltd established in 1992, it is a key backbone enterprise in industrial washing machine and recycle machine industry. Our company covers an area of 88,888 square meters and a building area of 6,666 square meters. The existing assets of the company are 1.2 billion yuan. The number of registered employees of the company is 100, among which there are 15 employees with college degree or above, and 5 employees with professional r&d. In 2015, the sales revenue was 180 million, and in 2016, the sales revenue was 200 million, up 9 percent year-on-year. After 25 years of painstaking, remarkable, high-speed and steady development. The company's manufacturing workshop has 50 sets of advanced mechanical production equipment, which meets the production and testing conditions of developing and manufacturing various mechanical products.
                Our company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating product design, manufacturing, sales and service. The products produced by our company are among the best in the national washing equipment industry. Our company has a high market share at home and abroad and has won a good reputation in the industry at home and abroad.
                Since its establishment, the company has received many awards and honors. Each year, the company is the "contract and credit" unit recognized by the industrial and commercial bureau. It has passed ISO9001 certification, CE certification and various patent technology certificates. The company has been in accordance with the rules and regulations of standard management, strict implementation. The company in line with "customer first, customer first; Quality assurance, efficiency first; Cater to customers, economical and practical purpose. In the development constantly seek innovation and breakthrough, product types gradually rich.
                The company's main products are: washing equipment, drying equipment, ironing equipment, dyeing and finishing equipment, baler, plastic crusher, has been widely used in the washing industry and recycle industry, products are exported to Europe, South America, North America, the Middle East, southeast Asia and other regions.
                In the process of development, the company attaches great importance to the development and cultivation of talents, has a number of professional talents who constantly pursue innovation and have excellent technology, have strong development strength and rich experience in quality control and product design, and has formed a mature team with high quality and rich team spirit of innovation.
                In order to pursue better, updated, more efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-saving products; Currently, the company spends more than 3.5% of the total annual product sales on research and development of innovative energy-saving clothes dryer. Ambassador capable garment products in energy - saving on consumption. Due to the lack of innovation, clothes dryer products in the market adopt traditional practices, so it is difficult to control the energy consumption, resulting in the user's cost of use can not be reduced, wasting time and energy. The energy-saving and environment-friendly clothes dryer designed by our r&d department adopts new technology, new structure and computer control technology to save more than 50% of the energy consumption of traditional clothes dryer and save the working time of users. At present, the product has applied for a patent to the intellectual property office. It is believed that in the near future, with the concerted efforts of our r&d department, more high-tech products will be developed to better repay the society, create better and more benefits for the society, and contribute to national energy conservation and consumption reduction.